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I am interested in making a magnetic water treatment device does anyone have any information? Answered


See this answer.

As jtobako was saying, MRI machines have some of the most powerful magnets you will ever see. Provided you have no magnetic metal in your body, even they are not going to "purify" you in any way. The main metals that are affected by a magnet generally don't exist in nature in their magnetic form. Usually they are totally nonmagnetic oxides, like rust.

If you must experiment with magnets, though, don't even consider buying from people who promise health benefits. Neodymium magnets are expensive enough without someone trying to rip you off. Instead, buy from a company like K&J Magnetics that sells magnets just for tools and coolness value. To comparison shop, be sure you always divide the price by the number of cubic inches (or cm) of magnet you are buying.

Thanks for the suggestion on where to look for some decent magnets. I have seen the magnetic clamps to put on the water lines, & read alot of information on many sites & decided it is worth a try, but NOT at their prices. I think I can make my own & will be giving it a shot. I have well water & it is high in iron & so it is worth a try. I mean to tell you my water tastes like rusty water, there is so much iron in it. I've forced myself to drink it because I have no option, since the budget does not allow for much. I've seen reports it is supposed to help with plant growth too, so I thought I would put one on the garden hose faucet & water the garden & my chickens. I figure if the plants die & the chickens start acting weird, it probably would not be a good thing to put on the water line to the main house. ;)

Look up 'Snake Oil' unless you are trying to pull iron out of your water. Honestly, what part of the magnetism is going to treat, say, e. coli without being strong enough to kill the operator? CAT(?) scanners use magnets strong enough to throw oxygen bottles across the room but are safe for humans to crawl into, so what effect are you looking for?