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I am looking for a way to "cast" wood. Answered

Possibly mixing sawdust with a resin or something like that. There is a product that is called Arbowood that is like this but all natural. I want to be able to pour a "liquid wood" material into a mold. Any Ideas?


I was looking for something similar myself and I ran across these two articles that may be of some use to you. 




Hopefully these will help you some.  I would imagine that the technique presented in the first pdf one could replace the pecan shell with sawdust of one's favorite wood.  That's is just a guess however, I have no experience with it.  

Good luck and if you happen to find a good process please share! :) 

I presume you've already ruled out simply using wood putty and packing it into the mold. (Wouldn't work with large objects, but might with small ones.) Or casting something else and then painting it to look like wood. There are a fair number of materials that machine similarly to wood, if you're concerned about being able to alter it later. After all, your "cast wood" won't look much like wood no matter what you do -- no grain, so at best it'll look like MDF or particle board -- so if you do want it to appear to be wood you're going to have to paint faux grain onto it. And if you're doing that, it may not matter much what's under the paint.

Actually, layered resins of alternating colors and varying thicknesses might not be a bad imitation of wood grain... though of course that'd be a lot more effort, and it wouldn't feel like wood. Probably heavier too.

Adding enough glue of any type to sawdust to make a pourable solution isn't going to have much wood in it. More likely, you could use any number of glues (preferably ones that 'dry' without needing to evaporate a solvent like water), mix with sawdust, and pack a mold with the sticky stuff. Old dolls were made with 'composition'-sawdust and glue-packed into molds.

I would use fibre glass resin with saw dust and if it has small parts to cast you may need to put some pressure into it to push into the finer parts of the mould.

You mix it with any resin that would normally work for the type and scale of casting you'd be doing (varies, depending on application). You could even experiment with wood chips as an aggregate for concrete. You can also try ordinary wood glue for small or thin objects (drying would be a problem for thicker castings using glue).


8 years ago

If you could find a proper mixture it would most likely require either pressure or heat. My guess is a one part clear epoxy sealer for epoxy floors or super glue mixed with the sawdust of your choice. possible a 1:3 glue to wood ratio?