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I am looking for good Sunday School crafts that can be completed in less than an hour. Any help? Answered

inexpensive, non-toxic, fun, educational. Thank you.


uhh when i was a little lass i made crosses with pipe cleaners and beads for the tree. then we made binders with what we wanted on them for out hand outs from vacation bible school. we also painted somethings that our teacher got from an art store. we had to put something like god bless our house or something to that nature on it. hope this helps. :]

There aren't many projects here that are actually religious.

It would help if you had a theme in mind.

You could make tetraflexagons or hexaflexagons with appropriate images on them.

You could make kites with prayers written on them.

You could make paper wallets, and fill them with credit-card sized cards with things written on them that suit the theme.

If you have a kitchen, check out the various recipes (smoothies etc)

Otherwise, browse the kids and craft sections.

This is more of a subject for my wife to answer (I'll point this question out to her). But there's a lot to be said for the old "flannel board". You could let the little ones help make bible characters to go on it. Or, they could make characters that represent themselves, to act out 'life situations'.