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I am partially sighted and would like a personal video magnifier (like the Mano), anyone suggest how to make one? Answered



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A simple magnifying glass won't cut it?  Is there any specific reason why you want it to be electronic?

See my answer to steveastouk

I had another idea, an Apple iPhone.  It has a built-in camera and a 3.5" display.  Surely there is an app that lets you use it as a magnifier.

And then you'd have an iPhone as well, which is far more useful than a Mano!

If you do get an iPhone, make sure it's a 3GS.  It will be able to support iPhone OS 4 (coming this summer), which will enable "pinch to zoom" digital zoom on the iPhone, a nice feature to have!

Ah, I see your predicament now.

Well, it might be possible to use an old digital camera or video camera, modifying the optics for greater "zoom."  Actually, a new camera might work well, some of them have 3" LCD screen and pretty good macro modes.

Here are three recent compact cameras with giant 3.5" screens, pulled from DPreview's website:

Canon SD3500

Fuji Z700EXR

Nikon S70

All three of these feature big 3.5" touch-sensitive high-resolution screens, crazy-close macro modes and good battery life.  Plus, you can use them as Real Cameras unlike the Mano.  I suggest you visit a good camera store that has one or more of these models, and see if one of them would be suitable for this use.

I've used a simple webcam as a "magnifier" to view some very fine work I was doing. What kind of scale of image do you need on screen  ? 

Perhaps a simple wire frame to hold a camera at just the right height might be all you need ? 


Thanks Steve

I don't have a particular task in mind.  It's a general device for magnifying and/or capturing images.  For example, at the supermarket I want to see the price information on the bottom shelf.  I take a snapshot, magnify it and hold it up so I don't have to lie on the floor to read it. (Yes I have done that!)
If you have time look at
They are hugely expensive and seem to be based on well established technology.

What about a mobile phone and camera ? If the image won't focus, you could add a very simple lens.


.  I can't find a "Mano" that is anything like a video magnifier. Since "handheld" is in the keywords, I'm guessing the OP is looking for something like a handheld scanner with a built-in display. Maybe an Amigo?