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I am planning to make electric bicycle with front wheel hub motor drive, how can I calculate the top speed? Answered

I want to make electric bicycle as my engg project and I'm unable to calculate the top speed of my bike. I am going to use 250 watt motor.Also I want to know the max incline plane the bicycle will be able to travel



In principle take to RPM of your motor at max torque, using the circumference of the the wheel work out how far your going to travel in an hour - as an engineering student I cam sure I don't need to give you the maths - . This is a theoretical speed - depending on your load, the gradient and state of charge of the battery the real figure will be less.

Problem with front wheel hub motor is it can never benefit from the bikes gearing and so it's efficiency will be determined by the terrain.

I don't know if you could calculate the max incline the bike will negotiate. I guess this will be a function of the load and the point at which the motor stalls.

From experience I can tell you that a 250 watt motor isn't big enough to do other than assist with your leg work. Here


You will see some details of an all electric racing car I built. With a motor running at 20 amps on 24 volts we are effectively using 480 watts. On start from stationary the motor would draw in excess of 70 amps - that's 1680 watts.

The car driver and batteries weighed about 200 pounds. it could travel at a steady 28 - 30 mph for 2 hours on 2 x 12 volt car battery.

I need to drive a 250W motor. Can you recommend an IC that can drive it?

I would obviously prefer a cheap one.

You need to REALLY Really Read what Rick told you.

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Thank you Rick for ur help

Thank you Rick for ur help

Thank you Rick for ur help

Thank you Rick for ur help