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I am shy, how do I ask a girl out? She is in the 5th grade and going into 6th. I only see her in the summer. Answered

I need a way to ask her out. I know she likes me because she actually told me. But I was too shy to tell her back.


spits out cereal* A girl never tells you she likes you! OK, maybe a girl about 8 or 9, but still. At an older age. You should be worrying at middle school, when things start to get a little over hand...

jawaun101 says:
dude she says she likes you .what do you have to lose?i'm dealing with another case. i don't even know if she even likes me.we eat laugh and play together.just like regular friends she is so cute.i want to ask her but will i be hilmiliated or embarresed how ever you spell it.so you got it easy.wish i could be in your shoes.or she just admit it.because i have this thing with girls.if i'm to shy or she doesn't like me.its like her face stop to glow and she dont look as cute as she used to i am so serious man.become your fears i got to too hope it works


7 years ago

If you only see her in the summer than cherish the times that you spend with her. Plus in 6th grade many things happen, like love won't last too long. If you really like her than smile to her and just ask her out.I have had trouble asking a girl once and the only way to try is if you find courage...

Dates are for married people ONLY! Don't ask her out!

start to play or do something and ask her do you want to play or would you like to join me but make sure she's alone

It's easy, just say, "Would you like to go out with me?"

In general, ask a person of the opposite sex out the same way you'd ask someone of your own gender -- "Hey, I'm in the mood to (go to a movie, go for a hike, run out for an ice cream sundae or a restaurant dinner, play a board game); want to join me? " Or even just "Feel like hanging out together this afternoon?" In other words, start by just getting used to each other as casual friends. Wait until later to worry about whether that becomes best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or stays at the just-friends level (which is good too; everyone can use more friends)

thanks for advice everyone

to special_friend: I didnt reject her, I was just too shy to tell her back.

well... if u rejected her then, she is probably really sad right now. go to her and apologize and ask for forgiveness. if she forgives you, confess to her. all the advice i can give you. -_-;;

Just suck it up and ask her, lol. Or, try emailing, IM'ing, or snail-mailing her if you're too shy to ask her in person. But why? If she already likes you, she would only be happy.