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I am the answer... Answered

...to Life, The Universe and Everything.


"Lets all have some cake!"


"What Day Is Today?
Tt's Kiteman's Birthday,
What A Great Day For A Birthday,
Let's All Have Some Cake."

Happy 42nd!

I hope you had a great one yesterday (wait, West of the world date or East of the world date?), what presents did you get?

I got chocolate, and Mentos Geyser attachment, bird books and beer. 

Niiice. My step brother's birthday is this weekend and I don't know what to get him, after that is mum's birthday, a friends birthday and all neatly topped off: Christmas.

Gifts are fun, but sometimes hard to work out the right ones to give.

Ha u mite be the answer but i am the anomaly almost everything about is somewhat backwards

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Thank you, old one.

(I wonder who is oldest on the site.  Surely not GH?)

If you're talking of yourself, then that make 6.

My preceding numerical quotation was incorrect, I believe Lira deserves two, and so do you.

BTW, that AARP remark in the "Why?" forum made me giggle like a puppy.

No I am not the oldest, but I FEEL the oldest,  I hurt in places I didn't think could hurt   :-) 

BTW:  I wished you a Happy One in FB

Hmmm, the answer ?  Well,  most of the time, I am merely the question :-)

Happy birthday Kiteman i really hope you have a good one even if it does mean your getting older...  at least you didn't have to sit in a wheelchair like my uncle did for his 50th (as a prank) or at least i hope you didn't.=P

Pssst, I don't think he is quite that old yet....

I wasn't calling him old i was just saying what my uncle did

Oh ok,   I thought you were inferring that he was 50 (ish)  ;-) 

oh no i would never do that to someone sorry for the confusion!

Eight years isn't a decade sir.  It's only 80 percent of one.

what I meant by a "near decade"  is Nearly a decade ;-) 

Well then, I am sorry that I thought you had

.  Great! Now where can we find the answer to hair loss?

It's EASY to keep it....as it falls out, put it in a jar with something to preserve it.....

Well...Not what I was thinking, but that would work...

Once you have it all, you can glue it back   :-) 

True, but he wanted to keep his "own" hair :-) 

Yes, but goat hair is coarse, and will last longer!  You don't want hair snapping on you, you'll lose it all!

Tis not me that is worried about losing hair, about half of mine is already gone, it was Rock Soldier that is paranoid about that :-)
Mine I am not worried about, at least half of it is gone already anyways; it was Rock Soldier that was worried about losing his :-) 

I guess. But as of now, I have more then enough hair...