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I am trying to sew pant inserts on a pair of too tight pants, getting stymied ? Answered

I am trying to sew an insert on the outside hem of pants that are a little too tight. My fabric is a triangle shape & I am just trying to get the seams matched up correctly & wondering if there is someone out there that can help me, give a little instruction. I am stymied & already spent a long time working on this...thanks..


Ok, so you might not want bell bottom pants exactly, but this tutorial or this tutorial might help a bit if I'm understanding you correctly.  You can also find videos on how to do this and other tutorials.  Just run a search for "how to sew bell bottoms".


7 years ago

On the first seam sew from the hem upward. Taper the seam into the seam allowance and off the edge. See how the seam jogs in the first image.( I should have pressed the seam open so it wouldn't fold over on itself in the second seam.)

On the second seam, sew toward the hem on the old seam line. Pivot after you have crossed the first seam line - so you can follow the insert at the angle you want. (The insert fabric you see in the second picture would be trimmed off. )

The third image is the back of the second seam. You can see where the seams crossed.

Trim, press and turn right side out.

1st seam.jpg2nd seam.jpg2nd seam back.jpgright side out.jpg

 Not enough info: I'm assuming that "outside hem" means the side seam down the outside of the leg. Also you mention that you have a triangle shape and are trying to fit it in.

In general "letting out" a pair of pants (to fit) means un-doing the seam and re-stitching. When pants are too tight they need an overallincrease rather than a wedge as this will not sit right; Having said that however, a wedge shape does work in the back seam from waist to crotch at the "bum".  Obviously if there are pleats they could be let out. If you write again with more detail i'll be glad to be more specific.