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I am unable to follow the instructions? Answered

I'm sorry to say I am having a great deal of trouble following the instructions.

The bread-boarding is a snap and selecting items from the Arduino pull down menus is fall-down easy too.

But I can never seem to understand where I am supposed to go to get programs and how to download them.

The "View on Autodesk" button usually doesn't work and, when it does, I find content related to Arduino but not the specific item I expected.

Typically I do not have any trouble getting from points a to z in any set of instructions.

What am I doing wrong?

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KelleyS8Best Answer (author)2017-05-20

OK, never mind....

I was using internet explorer first and then, google chrome.

Neither would allow me to view "View on Autodesk"

However, with Firefox, everything appears to be where it should be.

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