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I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch. Answered

I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch.

I have an Uno board, a motor control board L293D Motor Drive Shield and a 5 volt 4 wire motor NEMA17 Stepper Motor.

I'm using #include <AFMotor.h>.

I can make the motor run any speed in both directions in a loop. That's all the further I've got in two weeks.

I would like it to start idle (hold) and when I touch (momentarily) power to a pin, I need it to run in reverse until another pin is contacted, a switch, and stop (or run forward a small amount). Let's call that home. Then I would like to touch power to a different pin and have it reverse to home and then run forward 200 steppes. 3 more like that, 200 steps, 400 steppes, 600 and 700 steppes. So, i need 4 pins, one the run the motor to home. The 3 others will run the motor down to home and the up to a predetermined spot. The "Stop and stay home" can be a couple steppes up from the home switch. Think of it as running blinds full open & closed with 3 available open positions in between.

If you can do that, I'll pay $30. But I don't want 10 people to make it and each expect to get payed. How do we do this?
Scott Goldsborough Thank you!


When do you need this by? Could you add the datasheet/link to the stepper motor and L293D Motor Driver Shield? Do you only require the code or even schematics?

When do you need it by?