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I am wonderging would this work: Answered

if you  see in my picture if u put magnets at an angle so the poles would be opposite of 1 below it would it turn a wheel like this in my pic : i don't know how to put a pick in here so look at my profile pic please .




Best Answer 5 years ago

It would work, but only for a fraction of a turn.

You are attempting to create a perpetual motion machine. Such machine would not work in real life because of friction.


5 years ago

I think this may work. If you mean N and S then no because opposite poles attract to each other. It would have to be N and N or S and S.

Thanks I didn't know if it would work has anyone else tried this

Search Youtube. You will find hundreds of attempts to make this sort of thing work and claim its free energy. Problem is as strong as the repulsion of like poles is. The Attraction of opposite poles is just as strong. While the opposite pole is further away than the like pole as it spins the attraction is still felt, slowing the rotation and eventually stopping it. If you could put it into a zero-g environment and eliminate all friction then it may just run forever.

A green ball could be made to spin forever in that environment too ;)

This is a simple example of an "overbalanced wheel," implemented with magnets because they are more mysterious and therefore less obviously wrong. You'll find excellent analyses of this and nearly every other type of "perpetual motion machine" here: http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/museum/unwork.htm


5 years ago

Add a bipolar coil and you have a stepper motor !

This has been tried almost from the discovery of magnetic materials.


There are some videos on youtube that show magnetic motors working but if they did don't you think someone would start using them in something?