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Thank you Instructables! Answered

I can't express my thanks to Instructables enough. Let me explain why. My first project was documenting how to house a card-reader in an old Nintendo controller. I received a t-shirt (the hand logo one before the robot was around) as a prize. Popular Photography magazine contacted me and the project ended up on the pages of the magazine. Other projects of mine have won me patches, t-shirts, gift certificates, media players, magazine subscriptions and more. I have had my work picked up by a newspaper in Colorado and magazines in Australia and Italy. A co-worker heard one of my projects mentioned on a story on NPR. I was courted and then hired by an AOL company blog to write up projects for them. I made a few hundred dollars doing it before the parent company pulled the plug on the blog. It looks like two of my projects might end up in the upcoming book. One of my least favorite submissions to the site just got someone to contact me about paying to use my content (I'm sure others have been contacted by them also). I'm not trying to brag but i just want to thank everyone involved in the site for providing an outlet for creativity, contests to motivate, and the opportunity to network with similar tinkerers in a place that gives the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for our effort.


I can't believe I'm saying this, but...This site is better than Duct Tape!


9 years ago

Wow. The past few weeks I've been in touch with a Japanese TV show that wants to feature one of my creations. They will probably be flying me to LA (from Alaska) and paying for the materials and a little bit of money for missed work. TV, travel, and pay? Dreams are coming true. And on Monday I received my copies of the book... Thanks Instructables! (On a side note - I'd like to thank Eric and everyone in person - the Japanese show offerd a trip to San Francisco or L.A. but my brother lives in L.A. so i can save some money and see him. Someday I'll make it to the home of Squid Labs.)

Have you ever had work from this site featured in make? If you have I have a question for you regarding the process that leads to it..

Nope. Stuff on their blog but nothing in the magazine. I submitted some projects to ReadyMade a while back too but they didn't end up running them.

No problem! You're welcome! Just be sure to talk about how I taught you everything you know, and how you couldn't have gotten where you are without my guidance and eternal wisdom. Then we're even.

I agree with all, and although I haven't had the time to "construct much" nor post many ibles, this site is really responsible for keeping me sane for the past year (yeah, I have been here a little over a year already....sure doesn't seem like it though).

Coming up on a year here myself... Are you growing a beard or is that shadows?

I got lazy one week and then they told me not to shave for a bit with my "razor" (and I HATE electric ones) so I don't bleed to death from a nick; then the wife said she liked it....so....I put up with it for now.....but it interferes with my C-PAP mask *sigh* Here is the close up and expanded version of the picture....

Me Captn Redbeard.jpg

Hmm, interesting development... Ah someone I know has a similar problem, watch out for insane unannounced nosebleeds...

did you get a desktop computer yet?

Nope. But i have a few sitting around.

Well done! My stuff hasn't been as taken-up as yours, but it soon may be...

This site has given me a lot, it's meant a lot, having somewhere to show off those little projects, expand my own skills and teach others new ones... I have to thank all the grammar Nazis on the site most of all, my English has improved tenfold through this site, more so my writing which was appalling at times. I've gotten a lot of things as well, mostly prizes etc. that actually mean a lot, the bike contest gave me a tool I have used daily since it landed on my doorstep, instead of carrying around a host of Allen keys... Same goes for the pocket contest. Really thank you all and I'm glad to see others flourishing thanks to instructables

Wow. Same with you and Jessy and LinuxH4x0r, this website is the best thing that has happened to me. And I GOT TO GO THERE W00T!!!!!

Awesome, got to agree with you and jessy, this site is the best thing that happened to me. Hope this stuff keeps happening for us all


9 years ago

Awesome! Man I hope this happens to me eventually..

I'm right there with you! This site is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me. It's opened up many doors for me and I hope it continues to do so. Just need to keep making, is all! ;)