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I broke a phone charger,searched online see what these components are but nope. Anyone got an idea what the parts are? Answered

TL431A 42850
COSMO 1010 B17 E41 C
58014 C23
LM 358 0505
59015 C 118
IRF 870I


Check http:www.mpja.com and look for a charger with the same amperage and voltage of your broken charger.

Ork has the right idea.  Usually phone chargers are replaced rather than repaired, just because it is so easy and cheap to find, or substitute, a new one that will work.  Cut the special funny-shaped connector of your existing charger, and solder it onto the new one, if you have to.

Here in the former US I have found used phone chargers in thrift stores for less than 1 USD per unit.

However, if  you still want to do the lookup on the parts, try here:

It's usually easier to look at the specs for the charger (which are usually printed on the charger case) -- voltage, current, AC/DC/pulsed DC, polarity of connector if it's DC -- and get another charger which meets those specs, replacing the connector if necessary.