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I broke my baby!! (UPDATED) Answered

Disasterous news - I snapped my Instructables Leatherman, that has been somewhere about my person almost every day for more than five years.


It's not an actual blade, it's the awl, but it's still left a painful, jagged stump that stops the tool being pocket-friendly (see the second photo).

Do I just grind the stump off smoothly, or can the awl be replaced?

UPDATE: it cannot be repaired, only replaced, so I'm going to grind it down to a new, shorter point.


I think it is not broken, also can used to cut something :)

Sorry for your loss.


Isn't one of the first principles of Maker-dom, if you can't take it apart it's not worth having? ;-)

um, if you can't take it apart, it isn't even really YOURS :-D

Taking apart isn't a problem, just drill out the rivets. It's the "getting back together" part that's the issue.

Yeah, I was razzin ya. Though, I used a basic pounded rivet for a knife handle once. It actually was way easier than I thought it would be, and looked pretty good.


4 years ago

That is so sad. I too carry mine in my pocket every day. I once thought I had lost it and I nearly tore apart the entire house looking for it. Turns out it was in the couch...

Mine doesn't have an awl though- bet that comes in handy.

It did...

It was my default "poke in here, maybe lever sonething out" tool. So many people don't know what an awl is, though, that I took to calling it "the tool for getting Boy Scouts out of horses hooves".

Oddly, folk understand that almost immediately...

:-) I use the awl in my pocket knife many times. I have even made new holes in my belt (when I got heavier) so I didn't have to get a new belt :-D


5 years ago

Let me know what you do in the end- I'm contemplating removing the corkscrew on my XE6 (best multitool ever, though sadly lacking Instructables etching!) and replacing it with a socket driver, though it would probably be a bit of a hack job.

I'm just going to grind it down - Leatherman offered to replace it, but a replacement wouldn't have the same sentimental value.

If they replace it, do they require you to send in the broken original, or just the broken awl? If the latter, you could just swap parts and put in a new rivet.

It's the full thing, unfortunately.

Are not he ibles Gods are merciful and compassionate? Nah, they would probably send you a replacement 3D printed replacement part in PLA plastic and a pack a sugru to fix it. They do enjoy playing with us mere mortals. The ibles branded Leatherman Juice XE6 will now be known as the elusive Kiteman prize. I wonder if that is slated for the Kite contest?

I haven't even asked HQ, especially since they have switched over to Vitorinox knives as prizes.

Vitorinox are nice, I carried one for years, but I do like the Juice...


5 years ago

Awwww, feeling your pain ;-)


But Kiteman should talk to them first and make sure they'll repair it, rather than just send him a new (and non-Instructables!) replacement.

I had a look at that, and the risk of total replacement seems high. I have asked, though.

Perhaps in the spirit of Instructables, they will send him a DIY repair kit. :-p

I'm wondering if you could grind the tip of the stump to a point making it into a (shorter) awl.

Also, I thought you couldn't carry a knife with a locking blade in the U.K.?

Ok, I was a bit confused. It is quite sad that the awl broke though. I don't think it's possible (well, I suppose I should say feasible as anything is possible) as that would involve removing the rivet, replacing the awl (you'd have to find another), and re-riveting it.

that stinks: sorry about that. A friend did manage to drill out the rivet on a multitool he had and replace the blade. He had trouble with tension ( blades too loose), so he drilled out the new rivet and replaced it with a barrel screw. Seemed to be a successful repair...

Ironically, he got the replacement blade by posting a request on Craig's list for broken multitools of that type.

Unless you use the hole in the awl, I would just grind it.


5 years ago

I find it kinda funny that you cut off 4 fingers everytime you "open it".

That said i am sad on your behalf because it always sucks when your good old trusty stuff breaks :(

May it now Rust In Peace...