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I broke the comments, my bad Answered


So I embed a video in the comment section of my instructable and it somehow broke the commenting all together. Nothing appears underneath the video, where there should be more comments and a website footer and stuff. Have a look:

Is there anything that can be done?
Thank you in advance.


Just letting you know that staff has fixed the problem. ;-)

Indeed they have. Thanks again for your help and time :D

We've let staff know there's a problem with Embedded Videos, and I'm assuming that they are looking into it?

In the mean time, you should edit your Instructable and remove the embedded video, and just leave a link to YouTube. That way members can comment and the rest of the page can load. Once staff has fixed the problem you should be able to re-embed the video.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Still waiting to hear back from staff.

Let me correct that. I just looked at your Instructable. The video in your ible is fine, the problem is within the comments, so for the time being, can you delete your comment so that the rest of the page can load? (You should see the "delete" text in orange within your comment box).

Once they have the problem fixed, you can re-add the video to the comments if you wish.

Wow, thanks for the speedy response.

Looks like the delete option is below that video in the comments and is getting cutoff.

It's not really a big deal or anything. Knowing that the staff is already on it, I can certainly wait until it is fixed.

Thank you for your time,

You're welcome.

I believe that the staff is looking at this, but I'm still waiting to hear back (so I can't say for sure). They will however, look at this report, so thank you for bringing it up.