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I can hardly believe my luck.... Answered

or should I say the lack there of? 

I sat down this morning (at about 7 am, because I couldn't sleep) and went to start writing up the ible for the gift exchange....since I am ready to ship.

As luck would have it, and as things seem to be going with this project) when I went for my photographs, they were no longer on the camera, and so I had to spend 3 hours looking for them - "someone" downloaded them off the camera and had them auto delete :-( 

Anyways, I found some of them...but will have to take a bunch more on the last steps as I write up the ible.

Delays,  delays.....


Hi, you could try PhotoRec to recover the deleted pictures, it helped me many times and works even when everything else doesn't.

Hmmm, once photos are deleted off the camera and more are taken, which my wife has done, I don't think I can recover them.

On a large memory card the chances are good that it won't write them to the same place the deleted photos were removed from :)

Thanks, I will remember this next time she does this.

You are right it depends, it's still definitely worth a try. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Well, I guess I was lucky then. I didn't have to try, but thanks for the tip for the future. I did find where she'd downloaded them to finally. It wasn't easy though: without knowing when they were taken (over the space of two months) or even if the camera's time/date stamp were correct, nor not knowing when they'd been downloaded, I was kind of having to do a search for all .jpg files & it took awhile.

You lucky guy... ;-)

Yeah, just wasted 2.5 hours looking for photos that should have been in MY album .... any luckier and I'll be dead. *sigh*