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I can make noodles(steam cooked), weet-bix and oatmeal(absorption) with only a kettle... What else can I make with it? Answered


Hard-boiled eggs!
Mac & Cheese!
Hot cocoa!
Steamed vegetables!
Exclamation marks!
And... (Drumroll)


 With the hard-boiled eggs, do you need to put the eggs in the kettle or are the cooked in the same fashion as noodles and what not(covered bowl with boiling water)?
Whats the difference between noodles and ramen?

"Noodles" means "any long pasta-type food." Ramen is just a specific kind.

To boil eggs, you'll want to bring the water to a boil, and then gently lower the eggs into the boiling water, and continue boiling for about ten minutes (depending on elevation). Then cool them down with cold water for another ten minutes before peeling.

So do you mean the eggs are really done with a pot, not a kettle

Is this a kettle with a non-removable top? If so, I'll go "hmm..." for a while about it.

Boil your water. Put two eggs into a bowl. Pour the boiling water over them, make sure to cover them. Cover the bowl with a plate or something. Boil more water. As soon as that water is boiling, dump the first batch of water and cover the eggs with the newly boiling water. Keep doing this process for several processes (Never done it myself, so I'm not sure how many... Probably something like 8 times). Then your eggs will be boiled!

A steam turbine?...doh..you meant food

instant soup, instant noodles, instant almost anything that requires boiled water.

chili, if you're kooky enough to use your kettle for cooking directly. Just don't try to pour it thru the spout.

jello?, steamed tofu?   mmm  thats all i got right now

If you're trying to sustain yourself in a limited kitchen (dorm, garage apt. etc.)  Look into the freeze dried meals made up for camping.  If you are near a sporting good store or you can get them online.