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I cancelled Instructables more than 6 months ago. Why am I still being billed and why do you not send me a refund? Answered



Hm. The fact that there are two recent "how do I get a refund" questions makes me wonder if someone is trying to pull a scam of some kind (charge the account to a stolen card and try to get the refund in cash?). These days, any time a salesman or customer wants to do something odd, ALWAYS sanity-check it. (Not accusing anyone, just reminding everyone that the hazard exists. eBay users used to get burned on a regular basis before the word got around.)

If you signed up for 12 months accidentally, you should address your "loose-change"-problem with PayPal or whoever it was.


i would talk to eric nguyen about it he runs the newsletter and stuff like that. go to his page and PM him about it