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I cannot embed YouTube? Answered

I am preparing Instructables, but I cannot embed YouTube.
In accordance with Step by Step Authoring Tips, I copied and pasted my embed code on YouTube to Embed Video Dialog.
Then press OK, but no proceeding.
Kindly advise me.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Choose the "Use old embed codes" from the checkboxes on YouTube, and do not choose "Enable privacy-enanced mode". The I'bles server looks at the XML you paste in, and the new-style "iframe" embedding confused it.

Thank you for your comment.

But still cannot.
I only check "Use old embed code",but cannot proceed with.

Post this as a bug report, rather than a Question. Include your browser and operating system details. Staff probably won't see it until Monday.

Hi! kelseymh
Problem was my browser, I changed it to Firefox, and successfully embedded.
Also, my instructables was featured. Thank you very much.