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I can't afford tick repellent for my yard. How do I make garlic based tick repellent? Answered

Does anyone have a good recipe for making tick repellent for my property in Missouri? The ticks there are profuse. Please help. I have ten acre's so It is too expensive to buy pre-made stuff.


I have a recipe that includes garlic. It is good for most pests. This is based on 1 gallon of water, scale up as needed. 1 Gallon of hot water 6 cloves of garlic 2 Jalepeno peppers (big) 1 handful loose tobacco (pipe, cigarette, snuff, doesn't really matter) ( I think one lb would probably be good for 30-40 gallons.) Chop, mince, puree, or otherwise cut up garlic and peppers. Boil water, add garlic, peppers and tobacco to the water. Steep for an hour. Strain out the solids. Once liquid is cool, spray as needed. You will need to re-apply once per month or after it rains. It is only mildly residual. I would not use this mix in common areas as a blanket spray. If your family/friends/pets/etc. roll around in this stuff they will likely get sick. Just use it directly on plants to keep bugs off in these common areas. It will do good in fields and wooded areas that aren't frequently played on. Hope it helps.

Beautyberry has properties in it that will repel ticks and it's really nice looking. Try planting it around some of the more used areas on your property (house, deck, etc.)