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I can't connect my PSP to the net, even after entering the IP address, what do i do? Answered





8 years ago

(this is all guesswork, since I don't own a PSP)

It should be able to find any local wifi networks and connect to them without needing to enter an IP address.  However, your wifi router may require a password.

Set the PSP to dynamic IP, and assuming it finds your wifi router, have the password ready. 

There could be other weird stuff going on, but it's hard to say without actually being there...

try every thing on auto and if u use staic ip then get on off the router homepage from a computer and it may need a pppoe user name and password.you may also have to enter the mac adress to the router too.

How are you connecting ? Wifi ? To your own router ? What about the security on the router ?