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I can't find my instructable Answered


I've seen it's been there a couple of times, but I don't know what should I do. I wanted to publish my instructable , but it didn't show up in recent, Also I can't find it with keywords. Only way it can be seen is through my profile. I read something about filters. What should I do to don't end in them? 
Thanks everybody for answers!



I'm having a similar problem. In the past my posts have usually had a minimum of around 100 views within the night of being posted. I posted two new Instuctables today and neither has any views. I tried searching for them and even searching my channel name but found nothing. I'm guessing they are caught in these filters. any tips for how I can avoid this in the future?

Again, no obvious reason, so you'll have to wait for staff to release you, but can I say that, when you have instructions to provide, you should really post your project as a step-by-step.

You would be much more likely to be featured, and get a lot more traffic in general.

Thanks! I know, but I had this as a draft for a loong time and I couldn't load the new editor :/

Couldn't you? That might be worth a bug report of it's own.

I got you. You're project should be fine now :)

What you describe is typical of being caught in the filters, but I can't see an obvious reason for it.

If a posting doesn't show up in an hour, then you've been caught in the filters, and it might take until the next "office day" to be released.