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I cant log in on my account? Answered

Hi,Im Johnhall44. Whenever I try to log in on my account it is like the password was changed and the password recovery email isnt helping any. Does anyone have some ideas to help?


What browser are you using? When this happened to me, support suggested using firefox (which the site is designed to work on) to log in, which worked, and after that I could log in on other browsers without problems.

14 hours ago was the weekend in California - they're only a small group, and have lives as well.

Sometimes I use safari and other times I use internet explorer. It is acting like my password is incorrect which it isn't. I guess I'll try firefox.


5 years ago

For the longest time I could not log on using my password and only could get in using my Facebook method.

Changing my password to another and back again after 24hrs didn't work either.
Eventually the computer crashed and I got a new C drive.

Now I can log on both ways
  • Instructable way
  • Facebook way


So your saying I should get a new c drive.

No, I suggest you Try ;
  1. A Facebook account log into Instructables as a first srep (I-did-that-for=over-a-year)
  2. Try to log on from another computer ( test password )
  3. Then reload your browsers
  4. Finally reload your operating system
  5. or a New C drive


I tried every thing I could but the face book because my account is not linked to that.

When you say that the password recovery isn't helping, do you mean you are not getting the reset email, or you still have the problem after resetting?

In the meantime, I recommend setting passwords like this: http://xkcd.com/936/

The password I get doesnt work or I dont get the email. Yes,my password was strong something like 15 characters.