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I confused the bank... Answered

I just got a call from somebody claiming to be doing a survey for my bank, and he asked me to prove my identity by answering some security questions.

I asked him; Before I give you some personal information, how do I know you are who you say you are?

It was a remarkably short conversation...



7 years ago

Warms my ire, It probably wasn't the bank.


Actually, I think it was the bank - I was just making a (satisfying) point.

I think I shall carry on the practice...

I've always made a point of asking that same question and my bank usually asks me to call back on the customer support number I would normally use.
One gave me the year of my birth which, while not 100% safe gave me enough confidence to give the rest of my birthdate and from the other information they had I could see it was genuine.  (The tulips are blooming early this year . . . )

Last week I had a company call to tell me that I was in line for around £900 of PPI premium repayments as the banks had lost their case and were refunding it all.  The 'confirmation of identity' questions were fun. 
Amazingly, my made-up-on-the-spot details exactly matched what they had on file for me.  I carried on giving my bank details etc but eventually got bored and asked the caller if this was a scam.  He assured me it wasn't so I am now waiting for my £900 refund.
(Strange thing is, I have never paid a penny in PPI in my life.#;¬)

Haha, scammers never seem to pay attention to your geography, either.

I have had emails telling me I have tax rebates due from governments in the US, Eire and South Africa. Oh, and those "dead Nigerian general" emails have started coming from Eastern Europe as well (millions in Tsarist treasure, hidden from the Kremlin, and now vulnerable to the Mafia...!)

The British banks saying "OK, PPI was a bad idea. Here's all your money back" to anyone who's ever paid for PPI . . . I think today's apocolyptic event is more likely.

The TPS and MPS work pretty well for me - No junk mail and only a couple of cold 'sales' calls a month from overseas (damn that VOIP).  When they call I do tend to have some fun with them.
(And keep your hands of that Tsarist treasure - It's all MINE!)

Fervently Do so !
What an Annoying Bank.

I agree with Rimar....my bank would NEVER ask such a thing on the phone....they have called me to inform me of "multiple" charges of an amount, etc. because they were very suspiscious....which I am grateful for...but never to ask for MY information. 3rd party venders, I tend to say I don't have time for them...and when they give me a number to call them back at, I ignore it and hang up.....I'm not calling an unsolicited vendor back, I didn't want them to call me in the first place...idiots.

He was not your bank. No respectable bank asks sensitive data by phone or email.

My stinking phone company does that, and I've taken it up with them and it seems that IS their policy. What kind of system is that!?

This was a scam of some kind. Banks do not ask for personal data in this way. I would report it to your banks security dept. as it impacts on their public relations and could be an overseas money scam.

Go fly a kite? That always works.


I do the same to these jokers as I do to tele salesmen who call me in the evenings.
Ask them if they would mind holding for a minuite while I answer the door put the phone down & go off & do something more interesting, oddly enough when I go back to the phone 15 minutes later they are never there:-)