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I consumed the stuff in mood rings. Is it toxic? Answered

I was biting it as I always do(very attractive) and it broke it my mouth. The plastic covering came off and I consumed the inside on accident. Will I be okay? I know it doesn't matter if it touchs skin but this is diffrent because I swallowed it. HELP ME


Probably yes. It's probably toxic.

Mood rings are made of glass or quartz, And the quartz is probably toxic. Go to a doctor and see what he tell you...

Other the other hand, If you mark my answer as Best Answer, I'll know that you're alive ;)

A small amount probably won't kill you, But you might want to visit a doctor...

Depends what sort of mood you were in before you swallowed it.


2 years ago

For a month or two I can tell when you are upset by looking at your iris...


2 years ago

SO, what is your mood at the present?

Is it possible that eating mood rings could become a new trend in the treatment of depression? Personally I think that you have uncovered the real origins of ZOMBIES !!! Thus you are soon to become one of the walking mood suckers that turns everyone into Vulcans.

If after 16 hours your stil reading this you should be Ok, IF not then see a doctor.

I think you'll probably be OK, but I don't much about the thing you ate.

If you're in the U.S. of A, there's a phone number:

The American Association of Poison Control Centers manages a 24-hour hotline (1-800-222-1222), which is continuously staffed by pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and poison information specialists who have received dedicated training in the field of toxicology. Calls to the number are automatically routed to the poison control center that covers the territory from which the call is placed.

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Sure, you come to a website to wait for a more or less usefull answer instead of going straight away to your doctor or the nearest hospital....
Get an appointment with a good psychiatrist to treat your addiction and you won't have to wait for answers to problems a normal person would not have ;)