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I found an old electric meter, what can I do with it? Answered

Its a GE Rr 13 8/9 with 5 dials  type i-70-s  it says Ct 200 • 240v 3w • fm2s ta 3o
GE watthour meter 50 Hz  Cat no. • 720 x 70g465 code 81

I've seen lamps made out of them, that tell you how much power they're using,
maybe that's already on instructables, but any other Ideas would be cool.

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oilitright (author)2011-04-23

I made a lamp out of one it was pretty easy and t is an eye catcher. If you use a 3-way socket and bulb you can quickly demonstrate how much faster it spins in a very visual manner.

Also to the fellow you said you can't make them run faster without redesigning it, I believe is mistaken; all you need to do is change the frequency from 60hz to something higher. If you got a meter from an area running 50hz and connected it in the US it would most definitely run faster.

I know because back in the day I overclocked the master clock in my highschool. Unfortunately for me, when it was discovered the Dean of Boys knew exactly who to come and talk with.

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oilitright (author)Audreyvgs2011-05-08

Well it's in storage right not so I can't take a picture but I can try to describe what I did.

So for a lamp you need a lamp base and some lamp hardware and wiring. I believe any home center can supply everything.

I started with two pieces of lumber about 2"x8"x 10 and 2"x8"x12" approximate.
First piece lies flat 2nd piece sits upright on the base. Meter gets mounted to the upright piece. Lamp tube goes down through the back which is hollowed out where the back of the meter will me.

Wiring a lamp socket is pretty standard stuff, only difference the electric meter gets wired in series with the lamp socket.

if you google table lamp electric meter you'll find quite a few examples.

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orksecurity (author)2011-04-09

Plug on one side, outlet on the other, timer which bypasses it after some reasonable time has passed, and you have a poor-man's version of the kill-a-watt... much bulkier and harder to work with.

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NachoMahma (author)2011-04-10

.  Your best bet is to find the manufacturer's data sheet, but here are a few guesses as to what some of the numbers mean:
GE - General Electric
Rr 13 8/9 with 5 dials type i-70-s it says Ct 200 • - no idea
240v - 240 Volts
3w - 3 Watts. This is probably what the meter consumes, not its max throughput
• fm2s - possibly a Fireman's Mutual rating
ta - no idea
3o - possibly three-phase, but I doubt if for a residential meter
GE - General Electric again
watthour meter - that's what it is :)
50 Hz - designed for use in UK and other places with 50 Hz power. US, et al, use 60 Hz.
Cat no. • 720 x 70g465 code 81 - catalog number. Should be able to look this up at the GE site

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iceng (author)2011-04-08

You cold sell / give / loan / trade it to someone who would want to use it..

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Re-design (author)2011-04-08

You can hook them up to run while the lamp is on but it will run verrrrrrrry slowly since it's meant to measure total use of the entire service not just the use of a 60 watt bulb.

According to several electrician I've consulted in the past on this exact subject, there is no way to make it run faster without TOTALLY redesigning the meter.

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blkhawk (author)2011-04-08

You could have a cheap camera installed inside and use it as part of an exterior surveillance system.

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