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I got TWO books!!!! Answered

Ok, so, it was a pretty lame day at work, what with the apogee server crashing, and me being the only one to sort it. There was three upsides to my day, Firstly, my colleague gave me a cool pair of 3D glasses! (which is good, cos now i can see everything in 3D!) Secondly, my local burger king opened again, and i had an extra large bacon double cheeseburger! Thirdly, my book came, along with, MY OTHER BOOK! I knew that i had got into the book twice, which is great! but i only expected one copy of the book! Alas, i am now the proud owner of two copies of the book! So, i have to ask, does this mean i get two patches? did anyone else get into the book more than once, and received two copies? am i one of a kind? - gmjhowe



9 years ago

Haha, I got two as well. :P


LOL, you took a picture of your mirror!!

I got zero.

Picture 5.jpg

Hahaha...submit that, see if they'll patch you a "no book" patch just for fun...

I'll try...maybe the patch would be a big zero.

Are you Micheal Moore? LoL

You got your bookS..............

You're in England...

WHERE'S MINE??????????????????????????????????????

I'm mentioned twice as well...

Awww, poor Kiteman. Here, you can have my book. Go on, take it.


*Walks into the trap to get the book* *Trap activated* Haha! It is a good thing that the silly trapper used a cardboard box and not metal! *Stands up* *Takes box off and throw it away* *runs away with the best book ever!*

*walks over with box cutter* *takes book,activates trap as planned* *cuts escape hatch from box,gets out* *runs away with book*

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is the funniest thing I have seen in forever.

lmfao, agreed, spot on funny.

i wonder if he will fall for it?

Maybe because you wrote the science section you are going to get one of the special autograph books.

Everybody got their book............
I didn't.:(

And over here you see the infamous "Kiteman had a complete mental-breakdown" comment, in which he used more punctuation than a K'nexer.

Awwww...I can't stand to see anyone hurting... :'(

Ok, put it this way, you got to write for the book, so your extra special.

Poor guy...

he must never know I intercepted it en-route...

Oh poor kite, Smart has his too, I'm guessing it's because your off to the left... Though as far as I can tell you're not exactly country folk yet...

well, at least it means that your should be with you soon, i am near the central postal hub so..

Our post has to go via Norwich, officially the least efficient sorting office in the country...

haha, well, thats what you get for living on the rubbish side of the country :P

It's okay folks, he's just missed his nap, is all..

Now, now, Grandpa, take your medication like a dear...


Sitting on the doormat when I got home today!

Patch me, chaps!


Hey! You should use this picture as your avatar!

May you could tweak Kiteman's current avatar slightly -- flip the glasses upside down? Change the little smile to something a lot bigger?

I sure could! :D I'll do that and post it on the old topic post-haste!

Oh, no, the amount of trouble I got from people, just for switching from a nasty pixellated image to a tidied-up version of the same image...

Great... Scott...

Jake!! I think Kiteman has been compromised!!

I can't have been - I had my back to the wall while I took that photo!

why can't people understand that were happy to get our books? especially, after seeing everyone else get theirs first.

I've been carrying one of my copies with me at school for two days. I keep thrusting it in people's faces and declaring look at page 81!

I think they get the idea...