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I got my Xbox taken because I got 3 D's on my progress report. And my mom said you won't get it back grades come up HELP Answered




Best Answer 5 years ago

Pay attention in lessons, do your homework, revise for tests and don't misbehave at school.


I think you have a good case under the human rights legislation, after all it is every teenager's inalienable right to play on video games whenever they choose.  I suggest you go to a good lawyer and sue your mother.

Come on, what do you expect us to say?  You know the problem and you know the way towards a solution.  If there are specific areas you are having trouble with, talk to your teachers for extra help.

Look to the long game : The better you do in school, the better salary you're likely to be able to get once you leave education.  More salary means you'll be able to buy better kit once you've left home and your mom won't be able to take it away!  (That's assuming that video games are still as important to you as they are now #;¬)


5 years ago

I agree with your Mom. Apply yourself and get your grades back to where they should be and then ask to get your XBox privileges back.


first world problem.
...just think, historically, for having bad grades, you would be grounded, or (depending on comprehension) beaten to knock some sense into you.

I grew up with a positive reinforcement regime; I did well, I got treats (like games)...if I did poorly, I did not get treats. It motivated me to work hard for what I want.

You need to (drumroll)....improve your grades. School aptitude and competency requirements are at an all-time low. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TRY. IF YOU DO NOT TRY, YOU WILL FAIL. IF YOU FAIL, YOU WILL GET NO XBOX.


5 years ago

Although playing games on an XBox is fun it won't provide you with the knowledge or skill that you will need for later in life. Growing up is something that is going to happen whether you want it to or not, and you need to have the knowledge to be able to care for yourself when that time comes. Make that your primary goal, preparing for YOUR future, and having fun will fall into the place that it belongs in your life. The reason a kitten plays so much is primarily to learn how to hunt. If it doesn't learn that it might starve. Your being good at playing games will not provide for your needs when you get older but your education will. Get your priorities right now and your future will be a lot more enjoyable.

How about you do your homework, study for tests, and communicate with your teachers on what you can do extra to improve your grade. And sit in the front of the class.
And quit hanging out with those kids who smell like stale cigarette smoke and draw with black sharpies on everything.
Your teachers WILL work with you but you got to put in 110% of your effort.
if you spent the time you waste on your xbox on your studies then you probably would have made all A's

I'm with your. Mom, we do the same to our two sons.
As Kman says,

Pay attention in lessons, do your homework, revise for tests and don't misbehave at school

The world isn't a video game.