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I got stung by a wasp...And Now by a bee... Answered

'll be darned if i get stung again, And yes, I just did, This time by a bee, I think...
I got Stung in the EXACT same spot AGAIN!
I'm here again, sitting in bed, in pain, Stupid bee...

Yesterday, Sunday, I got stung by a wasp, I was walking in our back yard, We have plants there, and I suddenly felt something on my foot, I thought it was a bee, But it hurt to suddenly and badly that it was probably a wasp, we have wasps all over the place, Now i got stung...
I slept Horrible last night, In pain all night long, My foot is now all swollen, And it hurts to walk, I can't go anywhere now, Or do anything, Now i am in bed, Doing nothing, With my Laptop, I hope things get better, Has anyone here had experience with wasp stings?

I think the wasp i got stung with was a yellow jacket, I remember just freaking out and trowing whatever was on my foot off...

Stupid wasp


ONly seen a couple bees this year. now i cursed it

Lucky you, I have seen countless bees just today...

Man you're unlucky!
My mate Clive got bitten by a duck and a rat in the same day (I still laugh about that, and his helmet went mouldy..)


Wow! In the same day!!! I've been bitten by a snake, a rat, a couple of brown recluses, an emu, and a catfish, but never in the same day. I've almost been bitten by an opposum, a squirrel, a horse, a zonkey, two crocs, and a snapping turtle. But I guess my reflexes were a little better on those days.

Mouldy" as in coated with fungus.


You must be allergic. I've been stung before and while it's not any fun, it shouldn't be like that the next day.

I don't think so...Where you stung on the foot?

Yep, but the next day it was just a little itchy and that was it.

I guess it was another type of wasp...

I'm not an expert or anything, but I think of what stung me as yellow jacket and your picture (a little shorter and fatter) looks like a hornet.

Yeah...They are still in the same family of insects...

I saw a wasp munching on a fence-post. L

Chewing at it (to make paper with). L

We had a wasp nest in our loft. It was huge, the size of a large football plus, I'd say. We couldn't get up there for a while until they died out and we removed it.

I'm speechless. I would run screaming from your house.

I've heard that if you can 'neutralise' them while they're occupied, the young larvae make good free fishing bait. L

That would be a good idea. And I can see that might work. Have you tried it?

Not personally, but I know a guy who has. L

In our last garden but one, the shed had been so chewed, by so many wasps, it was actually fluffy.

I have a thing about stinging insects. I HATE THEM. This sounds like a place I just wouldn't go...

wasps are eating your shed? lol XD i had to say that

Yes, they seem to like sheds. I wonder whether it's because the timber has been treated? L

Oh, Every time i see a wasp, I run and get the wasp poison, ;)

When I was a kid, we used to put chewing tobacco (or snuff) spit on the sting. It really helped. You could probably use a crushed cigarette too. Also, vinegar works on lots of different kinds of stings.

Well... I have no chewing tobacco, Or cigarettes, And i don't want to get any either...

I don't blame you! I think it only works when the sting is fresh anyway.

Yeah, What do you mean I don't blame you! i also just got stung again...in the same place again...

I meant I don't blame you for not wanting to get tobacco. But if you're going to get stung regularly, you might rethink that. If you know someone who chews or smokes, it might be a good time to borrow some.

Ah i get it now, Well i don;t know anyone who does...i don't get stung regularly, and i hope that that never happens XD

Maybe you've become a "stinger-magnet".

that would be bad, for me and the bees, the die, then again HAHAHA the bees die lol

On the radio today, there was a trivia question about using mud, and the guy who answered said his dad would either use tobacco or mud. Cool to see he's not the only one. A baking soda paste is also recommended.

Yeah, I think I remember the baking soda thing. I used to get stung all the time as a kid. Once I got stung by 7 hornets. That was BAD. Another time I was stung by 13 yellow-jackets. But the worst was probably the "saddle-back" caterpiller! Oh yeah, I also got stung in the roof of my mouth by a regular honey-bee,OUCH!!

I'll be darned if i get stung again, And yes, I just did, This time by a bee, I think...
I got Stung in the EXACT same spot AGAIN!
I'm here again, sitting in bed, in pain, Stupid bee...

Ugh, I hate wasps. When I was younger, I was stung on the arm, twice in the chest, and on the eyelid, all at the same time. Seeing a wasp fly up and land on your eye... *Shudder.*

Some say putting meat tenderizer on a sting retracts poison. They also say taping a penny to it works... Maybe the zinc does something to the poison.