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I had an accident while trying to rush finishing up the USB project... Answered

and it is not working......in fact, the 555 timer is getting hot, suggesting I either wired something wrong, or it  has a problem handling the crystal speaker I used from a phone......in any case, I won't be entering this contest either, but I do want to attempt to trouble shoot and publish my USB  light sensing alarm.

In my rush, I tried to climb out of my work area (my wife has it fairly well "barricaded in" with her stuff), and tripped over the pile and ended up under the office chair, with the cross brace of the desk getting broken,  I struck it so hard.

AFAIK, I am unhurt, not counting a bit of a strained neck muscle and some lower back muscle pain too.

She came back (after trying to call me on the cell phone) to see if all was well, and of course I was still partially buried.  Unable to actually help me out much, she went back to watching her movie as I dug myself out from under the pile.    This is not the first time something like this has happened and with the way things will continue, it won't be the last.




7 years ago

I think your next project should be a series of shelves and matching storage bins.

Aye, once I get my current one finished....I certainly should try...if I could find the room to put it all together in...

Oh, so that's what you meant... Unlucky, shame to be honest, I was looking forward to see what you've been up to!

Lol I'm sorry but the title me me laugh XD (Next time try depends) :P Try not to do that again!

Oy, sorry, now I understand....took me actually WAKING UP to see what you meant ;-)

It has already happened, but not to the extent that I got buried, a few times since. I swear her "collections" will be the death (or the crippling) of me yet.

But thinking back on it, I have to laugh and make fun of it too.

It's funny. What an age we live in!!! Whenever I hear an explosion, avalanche, or crash (usually out in the shed, but occasionally just in the other part of the house), I start calling my family members on their cell phones, to see if they need help. WHat did we ever do back before cellphones?

We yelled and made an effort by getting UP and physically searching....which I still do, knowing that calling someone on the phone that is hurt or trapped seems counterproductive.... ;-)

"I know you are dealing with a crisis and are buried under rubble, but you could at LEAST have struggled to get the phone out of your pocket and answer it...."

Something just doesn't ring for me as the right way to handle that...

This reminds me of something I read in the latest "Uncle Johns" book.

Two teen girls got trapped in a storm drain trying to rescue a kitten.  So they used their phone to update there face book status to let their friends know they were trapped.
The friends then contacted police and the girls were rescued.

The police suggested that next time they simply dial 911 instead.

Well, in my case, I was laying on my right side, on the pocket that contained the phone, and although the phone was undamaged, it was also unreachable. She was only one room, and a short hallway away........but she had to phone me until I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs that I couldn't get TO the phone.

She loves you, really.

Ok, I was not hurt overly badly, for sure....but I was trapped there until my wife decided to come back and help.....and she wasn't much help then either......I did happen to do a small number on my right shoulder....