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I hate apple. Answered

So i heard of a few apps from some friends I try them out and I like them. So when I go to the app store to get the apps, they tell me that I have to accept their new terms. Since the wifi at my house is knocked out, I had to wait a very long time for it to load. When it finally loads and I hit that one button, it tells me to try again. That means I have to reload the app store, find that app, and download it again. This is a literal equivalant of an eternity. I wouldn't be whining so much if Apple was nice enough to resume the download when I accepted their licence.


 poor people....

all computer companies suck, its a fact, get over it, end of story.

Not quite. New Toyotas suck. Old Toyotas can be great. My parents have a '93 Toyota pickup, ~50,000 miles, only been in the shop twice. Once for a new fuel pump and once for some leaky gasket that meant it kept overheating.

Not the cars, the company.

Audi's 10x better than everything else. Period.

I'm sorry, but you're all wrong.

Mercedes-Benz is where it's at!

Holy cow! Seriously?! Words can't describe how much I envy you, I drive a really beat-up old Mitsubishi Colt pick-up truck.... takes you around 3 minutes to start it.

You do?...O_o Kind of contradictory to your age on your profile...

I only drive it around my family's land.

How's that? A) my age is not on my profile and B) I fail to see what age has to do with it...

To drive, You must be 16 or older.(or to get a license)

Let me change the question;

And you drive? What?



Except for the "little" and "girl" parts. :P

Oh, ho! A real gentleman in a real car, aye? No but seriously, would you recommend a mini as a first car?

Definitely. Handling is a dream, maintenance is easy (though the engine space is knuckle-barkingly cramped), there are many sources of free advice on the web, plus lots of specialist advice and sources of decent parts (and mods) in magazines and at garages.

Cool, the way I look at it it won't go out of fashion for the next two years, and that will be when I need one.

If I have the money I'd like a really economical car, ride my bike most of the time and catch the bus if it's a little too far, then the car for weekend trips and what not. That way I don't have to feel guilty for my little bit of pollutants upon this planet.

On failblog, it has the word "FAIL" on it.

I have seen those signs in real life, they are genius.

No it isn't, We must complain for infinity,*cue dramatic music* UNTIL SOMETHING GETS DONE!!!

nah my country is nuclear free so I will use anitimatter instead.