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I have 4 dead electric scooters Need project suggestion . . . . . Answered

I have a stick welder, oxy/acc cutting torch, chop saw with metal cutting blade grinder bench grinder, pipe bender and a few other tools, to work with. Parts inventory: 4 dead scooter frames (No controls just dead batteries but great motors and frames 1 dead scooter everything ok except for batteries 4 bicycles (all work) What I DON'T have is ANY electronic experience and very little money . . . . Any suggestions? Can you put more than one motor on a vehicle?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Make some electric scooters! (There's an Instructable, I'm sure. Try a search. There might be one about making them from scratch. Start there.) -OR- Remove the motors and make 4 regular scooters!

make an electric bmx bike

take any working parts you can out of 3 of them and use to fix the fourth

Are the motors of the permenant magnet type? If They are you can make a wind generator !

Make a few wind mills, and save some money!


9 years ago

Awesome! I would weld them to a sort of frame, put all the motors in place on four corners, weld a metal chair and rig up some individual speed controls, then you would have a mini car you could steer by adjusting the motor speed! Hope I helped!