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I have a 6v solar panel. What resistor should I use to get it to 5v? Answered

I purchased a 6 volt output solar panel from radio shack and I need to get it to 5 volt. I have a large assorted pack of resistors but I am fairly new to what is what.



Best Answer 9 years ago

The resistance needed will depend on what the resistance is of the load circuit. An easier way to do this would be to use a 7805 5v voltage regulator. Also, check if what you're powering won't work on 6v. Most circuits are designed to work on a range of voltages, and getting exactly 5v isn't that crucial. Though, since you're working with solar, it won't always be 6v. If the light is dim, it'll be lower. Fluctuations in voltage may not work to your advantage. To get around that, use the solar panel to charge batteries, and run your circuit off the batteries.


9 years ago

Don't worry and be happy with your 6V panel. My FM radio normally operates with 2 AA batteries. I run it with 2 DIY solar panel connected in series(total output is 6V). The radio works perfect.

use a 5v regulator!!!

if your load requires stabilized 5 V add batteries to the system like uzimonkey said if you want to limit the max voltage then add 1N4001 or better diodes in series. each diode reduces the voltage by 0.7 V 5.3 V is acceptable for 5 V stuff without complex electronics 4.6 V is ok for most usb devices (if they will work on it at all)