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I have a Benwin 5.1 ECCO speaker system and I lost the remote is there a way to make a new one? Answered

The speaker set is only controllable via the remote and I know it's an infrared remote. It isn't a reciever the subwoofer has the screen to tell you what volume it's at on the front. Will a universal remote work or can a make a new remote somehow to control the volume of all the options on the original remote which includes, volume up and down for the center speaker, volume up and down for the surround, volume up and down for the bass, and volume up and down for overall volume.


This is an unusual enough enough set of controls that I would be somewhat surprised if a universal remote worked with it. If you can borrow a suitable remote from someone else who has this setup, you could buy a learning remote and copy the codes into it. Or you could build an IR interface for your or an Arduino or something of that sort, and install software that operates as a learning remote. But you would need to know what the codes are, which means having the remote to copy from. Trying to figure it out by trial and error seems likely to take much, much longer than it's worth. Personally, I'd try contacting the manufacturer and asking what a replacement remote would cost. It may not be that bad.

Its a shame there isn't an open source repository for the codes for all these modern IR remotes - i have a DVD player with a similar problem.

SOME of the codes can be found online, if you search for the projects which build/program PC interfaces to IR. I doubt this one would be there, but you never know; someone might have contributed it.

If the remote is really the only way to operate it, and you didn't get the remote, then yeah, your choices seem to be to pay another $30 for the remote ($90 for a decent sat/sub speaker set is still not a bad price -- make sure you can return it if it turns out not to work with your system) or rebuild it (replace its surround amp with one you do have controls for -- you might be able to keep subwoofer and its power amp, but that would involve some circuit hacking) or unload it on someone who is willing to make the additional effort and get something else.

http://www.remotes.com/remotes/servlet/rs?a=gmi&smodel=ECCO%205.1DX&brand_pn=BENWIN_ECCO%205.1DX&mode=large&uuid=A12810227208301 I found this website the remote on the left is obviously the original and it's going for 30 US$ and I only paid 60 for the whole set. The other remote is cheaper with all the options of the original but I don't know if it would work.

Oh and the speaker set is unavailable at every website I have found it on...

I have absolutely no experience when it comes to circuitry or anything like that. I have soldered but even my experience there is minimal. I do not know anyone else who has the speaker system I do so no remote borrowing. And of course I contacted the manufacturer and some asian woman answered and couldn't begin to understand what I was saying about the remote and how I needed a new one. So, basicly I'm going to have to get a new speaker set?