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I have a Dalselv bed frame and the mattress keeps sliding off. Any idea's on a fix? Possibly adding additional sides? Answered

My mattress keeps sliding down and to the left viewed from the headboard. I have noticed that my bed frame has a lot of leeway making it easier for the mattress to move. I had problems with my first mattress and with my second one. I have a full size bed. Not sure if the addition of boards to the sides, foot and head. part of the frame will help. any other suggestions?


I do slide off but it slides to my husbands side.  When I fix the bed the slats have moved a bit. (they are the connected bowed slats)
We watch TV, read, on laptop... I do have to either stand on the bed or crawl to get out. I have too many art books and supplies on the floor next to the bed. Need to fix up the art room.
thankjs guys. I am thinking about adding higher sides to the frame, not sure how to go about it. What type of wood? pine, plywood? 

 I think what I will do, is use cabinet grade plywood. The height of the mattress is 14" thick, and at least 10" is above the frame. So, I think I will build the height of the frame up so only 3" or 4" of the mattress is above the new sides. There are a few other bed frames I did like but we had to get what we could afford at the time. www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S39849855 This is the Malm bed frame, the mattress is only a few inches above the frame sides, back and top. Here is my current frame www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50021627. Wish me luck.

Pine wouldn't be too expensive, and would still look nice.  I think the frame is made of pine anyway.

You could build up the existing frame by stacking extra wood pieces on top, or you could totally rebuild it by replacing the existing wood sides with wider boards, transferring the screw hole locations from the old boards to the new ones.

Some good ideas to think about. I think there is like 4" extra space on the frame. I guess it is to accommodate other companies mattresses. 

Would dowels work to attach the extra pine boards to the existing ones? Or should I attach the boards to the inside of the current ones?

Sure, you could drill holes along the edges and use a dowel joint to connect them.  It's not the strongest joint though, so you'll want to make sure the corners are joined together as well.


8 years ago

a picture of the bed would help some with answers. I noticed in the comments that the mattress slides towards your husbands side so it could be that he moves around more. the boards your thinking of adding... do you mean spacers between the bed frame and the mattress?  I did something similar to my bed, My mattress has a built in boxspring, first I moved the mattress up as far as it would go and all the over to one side then measured the space at the bottom and other side, I was lucky in that 2x4's filled all the gaps, laid flat at the bottom gap and on the side on the sides.
  If you have a mattress and boxspring and the mattress is slidding off the boxspring perhaps velcro would work but that would make flipping the mattress a problem unless it was just on the corners

I used to have the sliding problem with my futon couch, until I put an anti-slide rug gripper pad under the mattress. Worked like a charm, and it would probably work for you, too. They also make shelf paper that that is exactly the same thing, only in trendy decorator colors.

+1 that might work as long as there's enough surface area under the mattress.

I couldn't tell from IKEA's pictures whether it was a flat surface or wood slats under the mattress.

Based on the assembly instructions, it looks to be usable with or without a full set of slats. I assume the non-slatted construction would require a box spring, so maybe the rug pad would work between the mattress and box spring?

That depends on whether he's got a boxspring.  He didn't mention one, so I assume not...

Possibly if there's no box spring AND no slats, that's the whole issue....

Okay, it's a whole nother issue. I have slats and currently a spring mattress with a foam and latex mattress on top. 
I did try the kittchen liner stuff I must not have put enough under the bed because it still slid. (I had a topper on the springs one and both slid.) hmmm.

That's surprising. I haven't had any trouble at all with my futon, and I used to have to wrestle the mattress back into place at least a couple of times a week. Oh, well. Sorry it didn't work for you. Looks like extending the sides is the best option, then.

What are you doing on that bed to make the mattress slide off so much???

You might try adding velcro to the slats and the mating piece to the mattress.

If it's the unfinished pine version it would be easy to add a rail on the sides that would hold the mattress in place.


8 years ago

That's Ikea, right? Try tightening all the joints.  Maybe even adding a leg on each side, in the middle of the existing legs, will help.

But, if the mattress slides off, doesn't that mean you roll off too?

Or am I looking at this wrong?