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I have a MP3 player that got a little to close to a magnet. Is there anything that can be done with it? Answered

My PC can't pick up that the device has been plugged in and the music that was on it is gone. It has a radio that still works and I think the voice recorder should still work too.



i dont think a magnet can ffect solid state electronics. its not like a hard drive or crt screen

if the voice record works then the flash memory should be ok

boot linux on the computer with a live cd like knoppix 5.1

open console (in knoppix - start - system - konsole)

get root (ubuntu sudo bash other linux su)

enter lsusb

enter fdisk -l

plug in player and wait 10 sec

enter lsusb

enter fdisk -l

compare results

give here the difference betweenb them (what appeared in the 2nd attempt)

Thanks 11010010110, I tried it on the Ubuntu machine and it's working again. :)

woot. all i wrote was meant only to test the player - not to change something in it

Sorry, should have been more particular. I live in SA and we have a version of Linux called Ubuntu here, so I plugged the MP3 player in and it read first time. Don't know why the Windows PC didn't read it but I found about three different viruses on the player so I got rid of them then formatted the player and all is working. Even tried it on a Windows PC and it worked first time.

A certain very popular MP3 player which does not need to be named does in fact have a hard drive with a magnetized spinning disc, not solid state chips. But yes, your average cheap player should have no magnetic parts.