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I have a bunch of speakers what can i do with them? Answered

My car has enough speakers. My room has enough speakers. My wallet has enough speakers. And I don't know what to do with all these speakers. I have 10 mid range speakers, 2 tweeters, 2 sub-woofers, and 14 headphone speakers. Now I'm not really concerned with the headphone speakers because they're cheap and if they just sit in a bag for a while I'm fine with that but I'd like to put the nicer speakers to work. I don't want a surround sound system for my living room and I already have speakers there (not surround sound). I made the credit card speaker instructable. I'd like to do something with the speakers but at this point I'm thinking about just scraping them for their neodymium magnets because I can't think of what else to do with them.



Best Answer 8 years ago

There have been old articles and letters to the editor in popular mechanics, electronics illustrated, etc, over the decades about how to use a collection of small speakers, especially for frugal people. The ideas already here are good, but from remembering those articles is the suggestion of putting all of the similar-sized ones in one large enclosure or baffle. The articles often showed a 2x2FT or 2x3FT baffle with as many as 16 speakers in it. A box was built for it, and there it was.. The power back then was 10-20 watts, so don't expect this to work well with 100 watt speakers and 10W speakers all mixed, BUT - -the sound was always said to be quite full and clear from such a concoction. One project, called the "sweet sixteen" used a 4x4 array of very inexpensive 4" square table-radio speakers in a single 2x2FT box. It was to be driven by a typical 10-15 watt tube amp of the era. There were all kinds of weekend-projects for whatever speakers were on hand. cigar-box speakers, speakers mounted facing up in one end of a 4FT tall 10" diameter clay sewer pipe which stood on 1" legs, woofers mounted in closet doors, etc.

A random idea that just came up since the other answerer mentioned an echo chamber - find the plenum for your central A/C system and mount some of them to it there. Distribute the music the the whole house.. I'd try and find a location at least 10FT from the top of the furnace though to avoid hot/cold/humid air directly impinging on the speakers. Or, maybe put a rubber membrane between the speaker and the hole. haha well, maybe this is not a good idea, don't get me started on what to do with random PA horn speakers..

 make a paging system for your house so u can talk between rooms

Here is a weird idea. How about placing a speaker or a set in each room and kitchen and bathroom and connect them all together? So, say you start a song in your room and you drop in the kitchen for a drink you would still be rocking to your song.

A big-box store next to where I live keeps the audio of all of their display TVs on-- walking past the array gives a really bizarre delay effect. I think it'd be cool to set up an echo chamber that has a row of speakers putting out the same signal. Perhaps you could mount a concrete tube vertically with the speakers in a row and just drop a mic down the shaft. I don't know-- maybe a limited effect. But the one time you use it it'd be remembered, I'm sure....


9 years ago

Talkboxes are pretty cool. You could make on of them.

This kinda fits into the surround sound. I can't remember the company doing this but the idea is that you have speakers in the ceiling above you. The company makes a product that works out the audio so that sounds like a helicopter flying over head actually come from the speakers overhead making it sound more realistic.