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I have a few toroidal transformers and want to do something with them... Answered

It seems like I see posts where people say, "but I didn't want to spend x for a big toroid....". Well, I have what I think are some pretty big toroids, the part number is TOG543021F0 and they are made by TENPAO. I think they are 230V? I have a half a dozen new ones and another 10 or so used ones that look brand new...?

What about a desktop tesla coil or a coil gun?



5 years ago

I have the same question; do you still have these transformers? I would like to buy 2 new ones from you depending on what you asking for them?
Best Regards, Chris

Do you still have these transformers, because I would very much like to buy a couple of them regards Thorben

turn them into cash wither for what they are or by recycling the copper

Id rather build something with them. It seems like the kind of part I wouldn't buy, or if I did, I'd settle for a little cheap one... These weigh 3 or 4 pounds and I've got a bunch of them. I suppose I could recycle the "used' ones. I think they were pulled out of something that was never turned on. They are indestinguishable from the "new" factory sealed ones I have. But I will make use of them or dispose of them properly by recycling. Good point. Thank you.

Well they turn AC electricity at one voltage into another voltage - That's about what they do.

Apart from building power supplies i am at a loss what to suggest.

Yes, they take a small amount of voltage and turn it into a bunch of voltage? I'm going to do two things I should have done before....
1) I'm going to post a picture of them along with the description of the actual part.
2) I'm going to read up a little on I how they work and what they are good for.
Then we can have an intelligent conversation about what they can be used for.
If someone can help me think of something interesting to do with them, he'll, I've got enough to share, maybe we can make it a double build and do an instructable on it.
I wasn't trying to be lazy, I was just trying to avoid the overload I usually subject myself too when I get something new to play with. I'd search the web and come up with a hundred projects, then research them for a year never picking one to work on. Was hoping someone would say, HEY! Those would be perfect for.....