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I have a good one. Can this product be real? Magnacoaster Vorktex. Answered

He claims to have basically amplified power to power a house. One use could be to use a solar panel to charge a battery, then this will amp that up to power house hold things. I have found no one who bought one yet and said it works, nor no independent test done on it. but he is already starting to sell them commercially. Any info?? look them up, he was on dragons den and he is on you tube. a genius with no marketing skills or what? Thanks?


OK HERE WE GO AGAIN. you have to seriously ask yourself, he has been playing with this device since 2007 and he still cant get it to prove it works. at least not longer than a few days... he hasnt sold any yet,,, THINK PEOPLE THINK. i do know through a reliable source that he had people working with him that he shut out once it went public and then slapped a legal paper on them stating that if they gave away secrets of the company they can be sued . THINK PEOPLE THINK. they also were the brains behind the device which is why most of the progress was made before they were booted out of the company just before device went dragons den public. THINK PEOPLE THINK. so with that being said who is telling truth here. FACT, he and his company had investors which he shut out of the company once they put the squeeze on him to produce a working device.he walked away with their money and they have been trying to get it back ever since, and well since hes broke not likely they got their monies back SO THINK PEOPLE, is this device really his pattent,, um nope, is he fakes,, you be judge

If he's selling this product, rest assured the core consumer is wearing aluminum foil hats shaped like pyramids in an effort to keep out the CIA's mind control rays. As Roxas said (nice handle, by the way) neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed. The two can be interchanged, albeit through processes far more exotic than a transformer with rare earth magnets. If some guy somewhere finds a compact way of manipulating Higgs-Bosons to rip apart the fabric of space-time in order to run my microwave at home, I'll be impressed.

Jeez M-Man...every nutter knows that government waves are designed specifically to penetrate aluminum foil helmets. That's only good for extraterrestrial mind control...Come on...I expect more...

LOL... whatever was I thinking? I must admit, reading pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. When I briefly worked as a customer service representative for Science News, we used to get all sorts of "crazy mail" mixed in with subscription renewals. I kept every shred I came across, and I would put the others on alert for it. I got some amazing stuff, too - like "proof" that the rotation of the planets on their axes is due to "sunlight traveling in a spinning motion" (and thereby proof that Sir Isaac Newton was full of crap). I also got several anonymous ramblings from an apparently schizophrenic man (I presume) from around the Butte, MT area. I could never tell if he was crazy and accidentally profound, or a frustrated charlatan of a poet.

Amplification only means using a small signal to control a larger one. Something still has to power the larger one. I've stopped even looking at free energy claims. Nihil ex nihil -- nothing comes from nothing.

From http://www.vorktex.ca/page/277176203 :
The magnetic field will return and cause a higher voltage and amperage then the pulsed power.

Energy from nothing violates the laws of thermodynamics. If the output somehow did have higher power than the input, the energy would have to come from the environment somehow. More than likely, this thing would actually reduce the efficiency of the solar panel because of the coil resistance, and interfere with all sorts of other electronics thanks to the EMR produced. I try to keep an open mind, but this guy sounds like all the other nutjobs claiming to suck in the secret energy of the cosmos with nonsensical devices.

Just a thought... Voltage is inversely proportionate to current. I work with audio amps (for a living) I'm not a designer, engineer or visionary of any kind but I know for every product we produce the output power is a function of the power applied to the output stage. Everything is ruled by ohm's law.

Well actually not everything is ruled by ohm's law. Things like LEDs don't have a linear relationship between current and voltage. But you're right, the output power of say an amplifier circuit cannot be greater than the power it requires to run the circuit.

I'd rather spend $ on a diesel gen-set. The web site doesn't make sense because the device doesn't. L