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I have a laptop, I have to destroy.. :( Answered

In my computers class, I need to make a movie, in hopes of getting a grant for the school. The theme is school laptop use, and my teacher got my a working iBook, that I have to destroy to simulate the use.. The thing is, it works just fine! I hard to just destroy a fine working piece of art... :-/ I think I'll try to get two, so I can destroy one, and keep the other one.. (If anyone wants/needs any parts from it, besides the keyboard and outside shell, please PM me)


WHAT KIND OF SICK TEACHER AND SCHOOL DO YOU HAVE? i personally dont think id want a school that asked me to reck a good computer.

well, an iBook isnt' necessary a GOOD computer, lol

the computer is good the problem that its running mac os can be fixed

still.. im looking for a laptop cuz i do html editing for small companies and i need a laptop and they are expensive... like 600$ new and 350$ used.

you can sure find pentium 3 for much less and you dont need more than that my other desktop computer is pentium 3 and its fast without any of the above destructing anything is just bad. and even worse when done by a place thats supposed to give education. i for example cant pass by a trash if i see certain stuff in there - like computers. as a rule i take it home and mess up with it untill it works

i will pass on old old desktops but laptops i will take out of a trash can. and last i looked, p3 laptops with good batteries are 200-250 $. ill be going to the store tomorrow. ill post an update

the only laptop i ever found in trash was pentium mmx with dead cdrom and hard drive i picked some P1s and a 486 - they are great servers that take very little electricity today there are p3 and p4s which i find. perfectly working and fast computers if you use the right software

good one ! i'd like to have one with linux (but not ubuntu)

change of plans; i found a used dell 610 for 180$ with wifi, decent cpu, 512mb ram and 40gig hdd. it runs win xp though probably sp1 or 2. im going over there today to see if its in good shape and the battery isnt dead etc etc.

bunch of theives... its only 180 if you also buy one month of their internet. otherwise, its 380$.

so instead im making a new wodden case for my desktop. i learned something while working on it too: keep your fingers well away from the scroll saw blade

you probably learned that the hard way. i hope you still have all your fingers in place wooden box :| (i dont like wood too much - just leaving pcs in their metal boxes with the side wall open)

i wanted something elegant, thats why im using wood. and yes, my fingers are all still attached. i was lucky; the blade caught on my fingernail, and jerked my hand down, away from the blades. thanks for the concern. the only other person concerned was the girl i like.

i still dont make the link between wood and elegant - kinda wood is heavy and big compared to the thin metal most boxes are made of

doesn't using wood require extra grounding wires to be added ?

uhhhuhhhhuhhhhhuhhhhh. hopefully not. seeing as none were planned. someone else made one and didnt need any.

Ok, I just remember the OLD IBM machines were completely grounded to the case, and pulling out, say a HD or Floppy drive and setting it on the table, would make it stop working (breaking the ground). I do hope they still ground the metal cases though...... :-)

they do. the psu's case is grounded, then bolted to the rest of the case.

Well that's good to hear. I have yet to crack mine open (not for fear of voiding the warranty, I think that expired, or will when Circuit city is fully liquidated), but I get nervous around the insides of computers...I have made a few mistakes in the past, and messed things up, but am not exactly sure what I did to mess them up :-)

okay. i cracked a few open, mainly for parts off defective models. youd be amazed at how much cheap junk they stuff them with.

Oh I have opened some pc's, I just wasn't particularly lucky with how things went from that point on, sometimes (especially the older ones, where you could have two "identical" memory sticks, but they wouldn't function if they were not put back in the correct order.....mix them up into a pile of 12 or more, and you reboot until you give up....try em this way then that way arrrrgh. :-) I assume the newer ones don't drive one quite a mad though. . .

i remember the time my dad was upgrading the ram in our 586. such a pain...

I had to laugh when the guys at work discovered that some of the Compaq servers they had gotten so cheaply would not run without the covers latched in properly......boy did THAT make trouble shooting a lot of trouble :-)

such commercial bundling on a SECOND HAND notebook ??

yes. and the store was a warehouse. its like they stole all the stuff off a truck or something.

I bought a jornada 728 for 100 dollars on ebay, not sure how html editting goes with it, but all I needed was a really cheap portable laptop. Well, it's almost a laptop.

$600 is expensive? I remember seeing the $2,999 ones not overly long ago.... :-)

for a machine that only does work, 600$ is pricey by todays standards. also, i only get 5$ a week allowance.

Well, true :-) allowance? What is that....? ;-)

What kind of destruction? i think that we might be able to fake it, i have a psd template for a shattered screen. Talk in the chatroom when you get here!

Like, he wants us to simulate the occasional misuse of the laptops, keys being torn off, battery pack being thrown, screen being disconnected from the rest of the body, and dropping it..

I think it a bit narrow minded to insist that the laptop be destroyed. If it was worthy of destruction maybe. You're not going to get many chances to demonstrate damage, before you've got a knackered laptop to ,erm, break further. Some artistic creativity might allow a fake, but I guess some people will insist on "doing the job properly"... Best wishes with your project L

Thanks for the insight Lemonie! Good to see you commenting again. :-)

just set something like this to your background bluff, and go all in


Do you have to actually destroy that one? Couldn't you make a cardboard "Stunt double" or something?

Yes, it has to be that one. :(

Take out the hard-drive before doing anything.

I might want it

might as well take out the RAM and battery as well (run it off the power adapter, and just don't show the backside)

ram and battery dont really mind shocks screen mainboard and hard drive do

it depends on how thoroughly he has to destroy it :-)

lol. Why did you flipped the image? looks kinda weird...

I took it with the computer's built in camera, its mirrored..

Couldn't you take pictures, and use them to create a pictorial replica and destroy the images in the movie, rather then the actual laptop?

how can they tell if you used a stunt double?


9 years ago

Try doing that thing where people pull out keys and flip them around.

That's a real shame! I wouldn't be able to do it but I hope you have fun and your school gets something good out of it. Also if the logic board works fine take it out and keep it for yourself and make a nice case for it! That would be a fun project. Oh and if it gets very smashed as much as it makes me sad they still look beautiful, maybe give it to your art department for people to sketch.