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I have a laptop at my grandpa's home and no access to the internet,how can I get free internet access at home? Answered

All my neighbors locked their bad WiFi connections and i'm not going to steal it from them.They have no phone line so dial up isn't a option and I have no money to buy a cheap antenna,so far that seems like my only option but i'm sure sore one can help me out.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Nothing is really free. Either there will be a hardware cost (New antenna), service charge (Cell phone tethering, internet service), or transportation expenses (driving to a wifi hot spot).

Ask your grandpa which of his nearest neighbors he knows well. Make a plate of brownies or other homemade baked goods and then go ask that neighbor if they would consider giving access to their wifi. As long as your usage doesn't effect the quality of their service (using too much bandwidth) or get them in trouble (pirating or other illegal activity) then you probably can win them over. You could also agree to mow their lawn or something similar a couple times a month (adjust more or less for how much you are at your grandpa's house) in exchange for access.


6 years ago

You don't mention what country you live in or weather you are rural or in a city. Those things can make a difference. Do you have DSL at your home? How far is it from your grandparents? There are radios that can transmit your network connection for up to 30 miles. I still have some cheap used ones that are looking for a home.

Texas,Its HOT but mostly clear all the time.

It may be a bit oldschool, but as long as you have a phone line, Juno used to have a free dialup service. They limit how many hours you use it per month, and it has quite a bit of adware on it, but it's free.

Mobile - expensive

Satellite connection - not free

Cable - Not free - unless already connected and depending on your contract.

local Library

Local community internet connection.

Do without people did once!

get one of those dish antanaes search on the internet to find the location of internet satelites find its receiving and transmitting frequency and (illegely) use it that would be the only truly free way to do it youd also get the cops on you pretty quick thogh i would bet,

what you could also try is going to a thrift stores like savers and looking for transmitters there they are usally 5-10$ and can work in varying degrees but you should be able to hack it to work with their internet

A mobile-dongle perhaps, but I guess that would cost you too much.


If you have a Macbook and an iPhone you can get internet through your phone... but if you don't, then you're probably out of luck, and will have to look for free wifi hotspots from a coffee shop or your local library...