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I have a large parachute that has some holes in it and I think it would make an awesome rug. Any Ideas? Danke, Kemper Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago

After the world wars, many people made parachutes into dresses, as the parachutes was made of a very fine material. I don't thing a rug would be a very good idea. As nickodemus said, curtains might be a good idea. Or you could use it for sewing something, like gloves etc.?


7 years ago

Hammocks, plain and simple.

I have a parachute someone gave me and I have been thinking about trying to make a spinnaker sail for my sailing dinghy.

Like RD said, it wouldn't last long as a rug. Maybe some curtains?

I don't think it would last very long as a rug. I always wanted to hang one from the ceiling with the ceiling light thru the center and let it drape down a little like a canopy.