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I have a nanny-cam that runs for 2.5 hours on a 9v. How can make it so - with more batteries - it can run all day? Answered

I would like to put a number of 9v's in a series, but fear the aggregated power will burn out the unit. What can I do to supply the camera with consistent power so as to make the camera run for longer?


. Put the batteries in parallel, not series. Plus-to-plus and minus-to-minus.

If your security camera uses 9 volts you can use any 9 volt battery (not just the small rectangluar one we all call a 9-volt).

The time you get from any battery depends on the capacity of the battery and your power draw from your particular camera.

A typical small 9 volt alkaline battery is about 200 mAh so if this type of battery will run the camera for 2.5 hours then you can do the math of what a bigger battery will run it for if you know the mAh.

This rechargeable battery is rated at 1250 mAh would work for about 15 hours with your camera: http://www.bigsecurity.com/OasisCRM/shopping-Directive-ItemList-Parent-30-Category-I133.htm

If you wanted it to be as small as possible to keep it covert you could use a small 9-volt lithium battery that is the same size as a normal 9-volt with a 500 mAh rating.

If you use a battery that isn't designed for your camera you may need to purchase or make a power connector or you could splice your camera power into the battery wires.

WARNING: Make sure you get the positive/negative polarity correct if you mess around with the power wires and connections or you will damage the camera.

:-) Ah, you make an excellent point about covertness (and I should have thought of that). And that is a very nice link -- it's cool that a commercial shop provides such clear and complete DIY instructions, along with links to buy the components from them.

I love these DIY sites. They offer so much! Just went out and grabbed a 8 AA battery holder (that has a 9v terminal built in) for $2 at radio shack, I'm going to try to see if I can just do a straight plug-in without any moderators tonight and see if the camera doesn't blow up. I liked your efforts toward rigging kids stuff to bypass the batteries (oh, the C batteries we have gone through...) and am going to keep that around if I ever have time to try to replicate it.

You could use a 9v battery emiminator. You can get one at Radio Shack.