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I have a problem in the programming of Arduino Uno,2 motors,Qik2s9v1 and Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver. Help please! Answered

I'm trying to make a robot like Micromouse robot.  Do not know much about Arduino. I've been trying to program, but I could not. This is my problem; I searched the programming provided by the Arduino Wed, for each of the components that constitute my robot.  When I go to work with motors and qik2s9v1, not I get the connection and the programation, for this.  Because, when I enter the programming qik2s9v1 tells me 'NewSoftSerial' does not name a type, download the codes of NewSoftSerial and fallow the problem. Well, if anyone can help me with my problem, or if you know a program similar to the components that constitute my project. I would be very grateful.


There must a NewSoftSerial named library for the arduino which you haven't installed to install it take a look here!

The video does not work. Could you upload the video to view it?.

I will really soon!! But why do yo want to view the video you just need the instructions to how to install the library

I uploaded a new video thanks for telling!! =D