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I have a question about acid blockers ( prevacid ect...) interacting with acid absorbers ( tums , ect...)? Answered

is there any problem caused by taking an acid absorber when you are on a prescription for acid blockers ( IE taking tums while on prevacid )


the acid blockers just reduce acid you can take tums with them im on nexium, my dr recommended me to take the antacid gaviscon after eating and before bed time because unlike tums that just neutralize the acid. Gaviscon floats on top of the stomach acid so it helps protect your throat from acid reflux.

My scottish wife and I live here in scotland and she will go nowhere but the NHS (National Health Service) ! These folks answer her questions with " We know whats best , just take what we give you " She has a reflux problem that her meds (omeprazole) does not completely help , She asks me if she can take tums and the like but is afraid to 'cause the doctors WONT ANSWER HER QUESTIONS !

If you are taking Prevacid you shouldn't need Tums or anything like it. If you still need to take Tums consult your doctor because you may need a stronger dose.

I sometimes take both. Not usually at the same time. Sometimes I'll take the antacid between the other.


I'm not on prescription medicine.

Since you are you should ask your Dr. and not ask a question like that here, or at least not take any advice other than to ask your Dr.

Absolutely. Free medical advice on the Internet is not worth what you paid for it. If you're on a prescription ALWAYS ask the doctor before adding other medicines to the mix. That interaction check is part of what you paid the doctor for.