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I have a question about my crystal radio. Answered

I just made a crystal radio and got it to work, but I can only get it to work during the day. Can any one tell me why it does that?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Crystal radios are not very powerful and can only receive very strong AM signals. Likely the station you receive during the day reduces its output wattage after dark.
Your best bet is to make a larger antenna and/or try adjusting its orientation. If you built a tuneable set you may be able to fine tune it a little more precisely to pick up weaker signals.

Or it might be being drowned out by "skip" at night.

Try to make a longer and as high as you can. For grounding, put some salt around the metal stick that is grounded and pour water until the soil is very wet. I used this way and it worked. Try this pal.

How's your antenna and your ground? A decent length antenna (20-40 feet), preferably up in the air, should help and making sure you have a good earth ground (copper water pipes, ground rod at the electrical box outside...) will help alot.

How do you tune? Variable capacitor, tapped coil, slider on a coil or stretch/shrink the coil? Check out the different types to see if one might suit your setup best.

Crystal radios are a great way to get into electronics as they are easy to build and very fun to listen to.

Welcome to the fun!

Do you have much of a choice of station ?