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I have a question about spinning led's? Answered

I want to make a spinning RGB led ball like the one from youtube, Look it up its pretty cool, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make one and the guy REFUSES to give out instructions, All I know is that he used a green, red, and blue led. Motors, And "9 slip contacts" so it would all be able to spin and still have power. I have no idea how to make that 

I have two VCR heads, idk if they will help at all but I hear its kinda the same idea.

Id also like to control motor speed/led's with my arduino if possible. And maybe program it to do a light show? Idk. but Id love some feedback. 


Depending on the design, it uses persistence of vision as a line of leds spins -- the slip rings are the obvious point of failure -- so its common to have the microcontroller on board the spinning part, and only transmit electricity to the moving circuit then calculate the flashing patterns once spinning.

Im not looking to make a POV display.

I want to make This. :

just to be on the same page, even though it doesn't display a picture of sorts, its still a POV display.

just motors and frames -- what's so hard that you can't reverse engineer it?

I have no idea how to make slip rings, or to make any of it frankly :/

A 1/4 inch stereo jack plug and socket will give you 3 connections - Fix the socket so the plug is vertical and attach your LEDs to the plug.
The socket acts like a set of slip rings.