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I have a seeed studio music shield how do I get it to work? Answered

I need to know so i can play music with my arduino


Hey I have a Seeed music shield and I really want to get it to play mp3. I just can't figure it out. MDheliMech, do you have example code and libraries that worked for you?

The Seeed Studios music shield is made to operate with an Arduino microcontroller or clone. Documentation for it may be found at http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Music_Shield and it's datasheet and extra info can be found at http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/datasheet/seeed%20music%20shield%20datasheet.pdf

I cant view pdf files on my pc

Of course you can. Simply go to the Adobe website and download and install the Acrobat reader. It's totally easy and takes like three mouse clicks. Then you can read any PDF file.

ok thanks I need to see if my dad will let me download it

I know this is kind of late. I have one of these myself. It seems it wasn't popular enough to get any wide usage. Documentation seems to be vague, and the code/library seems to be a bit confusing. Different versions of the library seem to have bugs that have workarounds that also seem vague and sometimes hard to find. Have you found any good info on this yet.

It seems to be that way with their Bluetooth shield also. I bought both he music shield and Bluetooth shield on clearance at radio shack. It doesn't seem that many people use the seeed studio stuff, or maybe they just don't share how they are using them. I did finally get mine to work, but only a straight play through of the mp3s on the SD card. I will check and see what version I used if that is ok. Otherwise I can't get it to work any other way.

ok I couldn't get my libraries to work so yeah it would allow me to look at the code but didn't let me use the code it said it was invalid or something like that

Unfortunately this thing is very buggy. Some libraries only work with certain versions of arduino. If you use some libraries with certain versions of arduino you have to change the example codes. Then there are incompatibilities with the FAT libraries. I got mine to work using arduino version 0022, with music library v1_14.

maybe I wont ever use mine and let it collect dust lol

That's what happened with my seeed Bluetooth shield. Same level of support/documentation/examples out there. It appears seeed studios products just aren't popular with anyone who is willing to offer any help. Another problem I did read about the music shield in a forum is that it won't handle a higher capacity SD card. One person said they started with a 4 gig and had problems. He downgraded to a 2 gig card and it worked. I got mine to work but only really basic. When you power up it starts playing but only in the order the files are placed on the SD card. I also have play, pause, prev/next functionality.

By the way I forgot to ask if you have the original shield or the 2.0 I have the original and I don't like the fact that it doesn't have throughput to the arduino pins.

OK. Well if you happen to find it and I can help you any further feel free to send me a message.

Google it. There will be plenty of info and examples out there to show you how to use it. All you have to do is look.