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I have a small heatsink and fan,What do i do with it? Answered

Its about 6 Cm Wide and 4 Cm tall. The same for the fan. It came from an old computer that is now fried.


If it's the correct size, you could use it as a CPU cooler. It should be large enough to cover the CPU package completely. However, if you're going to a desktop form factor, you might as well just buy new hardware. Laptop hardware is extremely limited and is certainly not going to fit in any case you have. You can also buy some pretty insane coolers on Newegg with heat pipes and 120mm fans for a few bucks. That will cool your laptop CPU and then some. The heat sink you described is pretty small, not really the best for modern CPUs.

i will make myself a custom case also the heatsink and fan was from a computers cpu cooler so it should fit

Yes, but CPU coolers used to be much smaller. The cooler from my Pentium MMX machine won't even begin to cool my current CPU. Just because the cooler in your current laptop is small, doesn't mean it can be replaced by that heat sink either. You need an ample cooler or it's going to overheat. Submerging a laptop board in oil is just silly. It doesn't generate much heat, not compared to a high-performance desktop machine at any rate. Just stick a good cooler with heat pipes on there.

Yeah screw the Oil thing. Apparently this Heatsink and fan does the job well, In fact it keeps the processor cold Even under A stress test(100% CPU usage) It cools more effectiveley than the original heatsink, which is not much more than a metal block, I remember That i once touched the heatsink, and i almost burned myself <_< With this one it even gets cold, under stress, i am impressed.

If you have no chips to cool.... use it as a paperweight? Not much you can do with that besides cool chips really.