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I have a white rectangle in my speaker box but don't know what it is. Please Help!! Answered

I need to get this replaced but i don't know what it is.

It says 10W 8r2 j


Its a 10W 8.2 Ohm power resistor, in a ceramic case.


It's part of your speaker crossover.  This drawing tells exactly what a crossover does.

Go to Harbor Freight Tools. Buy yourself a THREE DOLLAR digital Volt-ohm meter. You can then measure things in your world like those mysterious square resistors you have. EVERY one should own an ohm meter if they have any interest in fixing things such as you are doing. The things are so cheap that i usually buy several and give them away to friends and co-workers! If there is no harbor freight tools near you... check out EBAY or radioshack.

Leave it alone dude.


Why do you think you need to replace them? Resistors don't usually burn out...


8 years ago

They are ceramic resistors.

Looks like a resistor or two.